Interesting Websites

Cambrian Mountains SocietyThe Cambrian Mountains are remote and sparsely-populated, and yet contain some of the most beautiful, colourful and varied landscapes in southern Britain. Standing stones and cairns remain in scenery that is still largely undeveloped since its prehistoric past. The Cambrian Mountains Society exists to try to protect and preserve this ancient landscape.
StarLightComputer software that will bring up on your screen sky maps for any time in the past and from anywhere in the world. Designed for teaching and practising Visual Astrology and especially the use of stars in astrological interpretation, but also excellent for examining the horizons and skies above prehistoric sites.
Ouroboros TrustWisdom of the AncientsThe Ouroboros Research and Education Trust is dedicated to restoring an appreciation of Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Studies (AIWS) as a significant factor in the global call for more wisdom-based cultures. We invite you to explore our site and to learn about the work of researchers and organisations from around the world.
Callanish Web CamBrilliant idea set up to share the skimming of the moon along the horizon at the last Major Lunar Standstill. Archaeoastronomy from the warmth and comfort of your home!See also Maeshowe webcam in Orkney to see the rays of the winter solstice sunset entering the mound.
Megalithic StudiesWonderful website containing helpful explanations of concepts in archaeoastronomy as well as photographs and diagrams of megalithic sites in mid-Wales and far across the world. Fascinating and educational.
British Society of DowsersVisit their interesting website by clicking on name above.You can also  download a podcast of a talk to the Society by Robin Heath here