Royal Sacred Landscape Geometry

Getting Wise about the Royal Mile


It was a big shock for me to discover that the three capital cities of the UK mainland, London, Edinburgh and Cardiff define the corners of a huge right angled triangle. In each case, the corner of the triangle is accurately close to the Royal palace and/or  Castles of those places.

The three capitals that define the United Kingdom, with the exception of Northern Ireland, define a 5-12-13 triangle, with Cardiff’s Castle mound defining the right angle.

This is no ordinary triangle, for its side lengths fall into the ratios of five to twelve to thirteen, this shape familiar to geometers and termed the second Pythagorean (right-angled) triangle, or simply, “a 5:12:13”. It is no accidental or coincidental triangle either, having its roots, as a symbol of life on earth, going well back into prehistoric times.


The continuing media news story concerns itself with the late Queen’s recent passing and the decision to transport Her Majesty’s coffin from Balmoral to Edinburgh, in order that the coffin can lie in state in St Giles’ Cathedral, on the Royal Mile, and thence to Buckingham Palace and finally Westminster Palace prior to  internment at Windsor on Mondy 22nd February 2022.  There has been no explanation or understanding of the greater significance of all of this action, although one BBC correspondent was heard to say “Edinburgh Castle is a mile or so from Holyrood Palace, along the Royal Mile”. Grr!

These two Royal monuments are not ‘about a mile or so apart‘ at all, and this display of metrological ignorance highlights the awful fact that most moderns have never been told or have forgotten something very important about our legacy from ancient times. In a country that perhaps overstresses its historical roots, we appear to have lost contact with the sources of own remarkable and very ancient origins. Interested.. Read on!

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