Books by Robin Heath

Bluestone Press Titles

Available to Purchase, see this page

  • Powerpoints (2007)*
  • Alexander Thom : Cracking the Stone Age Code* (2008)
  • Bluestone Magic : A Guide to the Prehistoric monuments of West Wales* (2010) Full colour.
  • Proto-Stonehenge in Wales*(2014)
  • Temple in the Hills: Discovering the Origins of Stonehenge (2016) Full colour.

Out of print

  • A Key to Stonehenge (1993), rev. 2nd edition 2005, Out of print.
  • Sun, Moon & Stonehenge (1998) Out of print.
  • The Measure of Albion (2004) (with John Michell) Out of print.

Hodder Headline

  • Stone Circles : A Beginner’s Guide (1999)

Wooden Books

  • Sun, Moon and Earth (1999 etc), various editions and available in 10 languages
  • Stonehenge (2000 etc), various editions and available in 4 languages

Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP)

  • The Lost Science of Measuring the World (with John Michell)(2006) A facsimile US edition of The Measure of Albion.

Mythos Press

  • The Secret Land (with Paul Broadhurst)