Books by Robin Heath

Books by Robin Heath

Bluestone Press was founded in 1993. All our titles are locally printed by Gomer Press, perhaps the best known publisher/printer in Wales. Our titles are traditionally designed books, printed onto high quality paper and sewn covers, and bound into soft back format. They last, and some. In addition to books by Robin Heath, Bluestone Press has also published specialist astronomy and astrology textbooks, audio books, soli-lunar calendars and leaflets on musical instrument restoration and megalithic site tour guides, in addition to postcards and gift cards.

Bluestone Press Titles

 A Key to Stonehenge (1993), rev. 2nd edition 2005, Out of print.

Sun, Moon & Stonehenge (1998) Out of print.

The Measure of Albion (2004) (with John Michell) Out of print.

Powerpoints (2007)*

Alexander Thom : Cracking the Stone Age Code* (2008)

Bluestone Magic : A Guide to the Prehistoric monuments of West Wales* (2010) Full colour.

Proto-Stonehenge in Wales*(2014)

Temple in the Hills: Discovering the Origins of Stonehenge (2016) Full colour.

Hodder Headline

Stone Circles : A Beginner’s Guide (1999)

Wooden Books

Sun, Moon and Earth (1999 etc), various editions and available in 10 languages

Stonehenge (2000 etc), various editions and available in 4 languages

Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP)

The Lost Science of Measuring the World (with John Michell)(2006) A facsimile US edition of The Measure of Albion.

Mythos Press

The Secret Land (with Paul Broadhurst)

All Bluestone Press titles (marked above in bold and asterix) are available by post, as a soft cover edition.


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Bluestone Press, The Old Post Office, GLANRHYD, Cardigan, Pembs. SA43 3PA.

Once payment has been made it is often possible to dispatch books within 24 hours. We like to know that they have been received safely, and we need to know if books have arrived damaged during transit.

There are substantial discounts for multiple book orders, for larger quantities and trade, please note that our distributors are all happy people.                                                             email :