Special Access to Stonehenge & Avebury July 16-17th


The Megalithomania team have asked me to guide this double weekend event, which will provide a rare opportunity to focus on Stonehenge and its landscape, and also include the monument’s connection  with the Waun Mawn stone circle and Woodhenge and Avebury.  

My contribution will be ‘interactive’ so participants become involved with quite a number of practical models, through assessing the astronomical, geometrical and metrological properties of these monuments, via direct personal contact, in order to validate statements made elsewhere on this website, in my own (and other’s) various books, and from information gleaned from alternative sources. Private access into the centre of Stonehenge provides a chance to fully experience perhaps the most famous megalithic stone circle in Britain, and find out why it has become so special! 

Enquiries: go direct to the megalithomania.co.uk website for further details. Current Covid restrictions will apply for this outdoor group event.

Recent work at Waun Mawn stone circle including the equinox sunset at 18:31pm on 21/3/2021